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Eftab is agent in Scandinavia for a number of companies within material testing. EFTAB is continuously evaluating and connecting to new agencies. In 2012 we started our collaboration with IPC Global that is conductive within asphalt testing. During 2015 IPC was bought by Controls Groupe who we now work with.

During 2014 we also started the collaboration with NSI, North Star Imaging, who work with industrial x-ray. We sell their cabinet with whole systems and also scanning of specific objects.

In 2016 we tied one more company to our agency, IAMT Prufsysteme from Germany. IAMT that develop and manufacture special systems (rigs) for testing of vehicle components under special circumstances.

In 2017 we get started with a new agency, ENCOPIM.

ENCOPIM are engaged in versatile impact test systems for vehicles passive safety, related with both occupants and pedestrians protection.

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Among other things we provide products for:

- tensile testing

- bending testing

- torque testing

- compression testing

- shake testing

- fatigue testing

- impact testing

- asphalt testing

- 3D computer tomography (CT)

- Digital image correlation

We have:

- Electro magnetic, electro dynamic and servo-hydraulic testing systems.

- We also provide complete solutions for shake testing, rigs for fatigue testing and special rigs for testing of ball joints, control systems and bearings under special environmental conditions.

- We have a large supply of accessories, like load cells, extensometers, grips, bendfixtures and climate chambers.

Our service technicians are located in Sweden. They serve and calibrate machines and provide spare parts. We also provide training regarding software and methods for materials testing.

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