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Information about Instron

Instron was founded in Boston, Massachusetts, in 1946. The founders, Harold Hindman and George Burr worked together at the famous Masachusetts Insitute of Technology (MIT). Hindman was trying to find new materials for parachutes, and realised no machines were precise enough to meet his need. They then developed a machine based on the latest electronic and servo systems. The prototype was so succesful that Hindman and Burr founded Instron. The name came from “ins” as in “instrument” and “tron” as in “electronics”.


In 1960 Instron established an European office in High Wycombe, Great Britain. By that time the demands had grown so big that it was necessary with both manufacturing and sales on spot in Europe.


Instron Asia was then founded in 1965 and Instron Chine in 1983.


Manufacturing takes place in USA, UK and Germany.


Up to this day Instron have installed tens of thousands testing machines and systems on all continents except Antarctica.


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