About IPC Global

Established in 1981, IPC Global leads the world in design, innovation, development and distribution of advanced material testing technologies. Everyday, IPC Global’s systems enhance research, design, quality assurance and control for road pavement, civil engineering, construction and manufacturing industries.

Our engineers and scientists work with renowned research organisations around the world to create revolutionary technologies that incorporate the latest advances in road pavement, geotechnical and materials testing. Used in over 85 countries, IPC Global technologies comply with international standards from Europe, USA, Australia, China and many other regions, including; ASTM, AASHTO, EN, AS, ISO.

In 2014, IPC Global became a fully owned subsidiary of CONTROLS Group. With this partnership, IPC Global has inherited more than 40 years of consolidated know-how and qualified experience in civil testing equipment manufacturing. This, combined with our existing advanced technologies, will ensure that IPC Global continues to lead the way in pavement testing innovation.

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