Hot mix asphalt automatic closed loop extractor PAVE ANALYZER

For separation and extraction of bitumen, filler and aggregates from asphalt samples by use of solvents. By PAVELAB® SYSTEMS



- Ensures the most convenient testing   conditions in a healthy environment (neither fumes nor noises); 

- fully automatic test cycle improved by the combined effect of solvent and ultrasonic motion;

- weighing and recording integrated system for the automatic calculation of the results;

- automatic recovery of the solvent by continuous distillation process;

- compatibility with the widest range of solvents as perchlorethylene, trichloroethylene and methilene chloride;

- 7" touch screen swinging panel;

- a distinguishing aesthetically pleasant design featured by ergonomic shrewdness to facilitate testing operations;

- fast connection for rotary evaporator flask (available as option);

- extraction time reduced to approx. 55 minutes (including drying).


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