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New agency, ENCOPIM


In 2017 we get started with a new agency.

Encopim are engaged in versatile impact test systems for vehicles passive safety, related with both occupants and pedestrians protection.

EFTAB becomes agent for IAMT Prufsysteme GmbH

EFTAB becomes agent in Scandinavia for IAMT Prufsysteme GmbH. IAMT develope advanced test rigs primarily for the vehicle industry.

EFTAB becomes agent for NSI

North star imaging is one of the market leading companies within industrial x-ray and 3D computed tomohraphy. 3D computed tomography is a nondestructive scanning technique that makes it possible to watch and inspect de external and internal structures of an object in 3D. It works through taking hundreds or thousands digital x-ray pictures around a 360 degrees rotation of an object. Patent protected algorithms are then used to recounstruct 2D projection into a 3D CT-picture, that makes you able to show and slice that part in whatever angle you want.



EFTAB becomes agent for LaVision

LaVision is one of the market leading companies within Digital Image Correlation. An advanced system for elongation and strain measurement that complement the systems from Instron, both for static and dynamic testing. LaVision also have other laser based systems for flow and particle studies.


EFTAB blir agent för IPC Global

IPC is world leading when it comes to asphalt testing and we're happy to have become their agent in Scandinavia.



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