IAMT Prüfsysteme GmbH

IAMT Prüfsysteme GmbH is a solution provider engaged in the customized development, manufacture, commissioning and servicing of test rigs.

IAMT Prüfsysteme (IAMT Test Systems) was established in 2003 as a subsidiary of IAMT mbH. When IAMT Prüfsysteme GmbH was spun off, the know-how relating to the development of problem-aligned test system solutions together with the core staff involved in the design, software development, control system adaptation and production work were also transferred to the new entity. Today, IAMT Prüfsysteme is able to look back on 20 years of experience in the design and manufacture of special-purpose machines and testing equipment.

Our customers include component suppliers and automotive OEMs, general machine constructors and medical engineering companies. The main fields of activity for IAMT Prüfsysteme GmbH are the development and manufacture of specialty test rigs designed for the analysis of vehicle component strength, wear resistance and functional integrity under environmental influences such as moisture, temperature and aggressive/corrosive media. It also offers proof testing facilities for ceramic components used in medical engineering.

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